vziel (vziel) wrote in vaultofdarkness,

Fandorin Projet 2

genetic trance
Meet Fandorin Projet 2 on Genetic Trance ! It brings more than 1 GB of gorgeous high-quality music in all styles - from Hip Hop to HNW featuring stars of indepentent music scene: Hypnoskull, Graffiti Mechanism, Richard Ramirez & Sean E. Matzus, endometrium cuntplow, Mystified, Gert 3000, Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh, M.Nomized, Razxca and much more ! This compilation is dedicated to Erast Fandorin, a Russian superman, the main hero of the book series by Akunin.

Genre: Electronica; IDM; New Wave; Indie; Contemporary; Lounge; Breakbeat; Abstract Hip-Hop; Ambient; Dark Ambient; Noise; Darkwave; Experimental; Avant-Garde; Musique concrète; Dark Electro; Downtempo; Glitch; Minimal; Dubstep; Techno; Drum and Bass; Neurofunk; Industrial; Acoustic; Drone; Black Metal; Lo-fi; Deathgrind; Hard Trance; Spoken Word; Power Noise
Format: MP3(8-320)/WAV(354/1411)/AIFF/M4A(124-261)/WMA(96)
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